When looking for a technology systems integrator for your Seniors Community, PCS can provide you with a fit for purpose solution.

We are experts in Seniors Housing and have worked with hundreds of foundations, on over 300 projects throughout North America. call us and we can help you design, implement and maintain all your technology systems.

PCS has been integrating systems throughout Seniors Communities and businesses since 1999. Our expertise and experience is our advantage, and your peace of mind.



Whether engineering, drafting, consulting or an advisory role, PCS can develop your design. PCS’s design and product expertise increases capital efficiency of projects with comprehensive integrated systems that increase both functionality and response. Our system designs eliminate the intimidation factor of introducing new technologies, making them user friendly.



Our tactical installation and effective workflow implementation in both new and rebuilt facilities is made easier by our expertise and product knowledge. PCS provides thorough systems testing procedures and certifications to ensure quality standards are met, and your staff will be fully trained on system ability and functionality. PCS has a track record of creating solutions for new facilities to re-vamps, de-bottlenecks, overhauls and upgrades of existing facilities.


PCS can maintain all your integrated systems, and through a needs assessment, ensure the right technology upgrade is assimilated with the most cost-effective solution. We can repair and rebuild existing systems to current standards and technology advancement.

Our responsive Service Department provides on-site service and remote support utilizing our Certified Technicians expertise and knowledge. We can also provide Commissioning and Recertification services and ensure that your staff is properly trained.




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